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Services & Deliveries

Angular + Typescript


C# / .Net

Product Design


As a fintech on the rise, Monorail needs to act with great efficiency, agility, wise investments, and above all, adaptability. In this context, being able to count on a mature, technically prepared, and flexible team that can seamlessly join a pre-existing one is fundamental for the success of the operation.

Key Challenges

Fast-paced iterations

Challenging technology stack

Integration between several different third-party APIs

Monorail Case Cover

About Monorail

Based in Sarasota, FL, Monorail is a startup that provides solutions for financial management. The company started as a financial advisory firm, and it gradually evolved its services to build an ecosystem of apps that aim to help any person, regardless of their background, manage their own money wisely. With the motto "Save now, buy later", the platform allows its users to define and manage their financial goals, short or long-term, contributing not only to the maintenance of their assets but also leading to sustainable management of their financial life.

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We have been working with Wolven for over 3 years, and they have consistently provided us with great designers and developers. Their people are positive, knowledgeable, and skilled. As our trusted teammates, they have helped us create beautiful iOS, Android, and Web apps. They react quickly to a changing product without sacrificing quality. They are truly wonderful to work with!

Jennifer Coutryman
Product Owner @ Monorail
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