Elevating operations at LATAM’s largest electro-electronic manufacturing facility.

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By collaborating with WEG, a global leader in electro-electronic equipment operating in over 135 countries, we highlighted the profound impact of UX design on operational efficiency. Our challenge was to create a user-friendly interface (UI) seamlessly integrating business intelligence data into daily operations. The outcome exceeded expectations, delivering an effective UI for factory workers and significantly streamlining workflows.

Key Challenges

Simplifying UI for complex technical data

Seamless integration into daily workflows

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About WEG

WEG has been pioneering in electro-electronic equipment for over six decades, boasting a solid team of 1017 innovation-focused employees working in 11 different countries to bring forth cutting-edge solutions. WEG's influence extends far beyond its headquarters, with industrial operations in 15 countries and a commercial presence in over 135 countries. Housing a diverse team of more than 40,000 employees worldwide, WEG's global network ensures its products and services reach every corner of the world.


In an industry often characterized by complex technical data and stringent operational sequences, our challenge was to design a user interface (UI) that could simplify the integration of business intelligence data into everyday operations.

The outcome was a UI that effectively communicates with WEG's factory workers and seamlessly integrates into their daily workflows. The carefully crafted interface not only met WEG's expectations but also exceeded them, making a positive contribution to their business intelligence.

Our collaboration with WEG has showcased the transformative power of UX design when rooted in thorough user research, underscoring design's potential to streamline operations, even within the most technical and intricate environments.

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